How much will your kitchen cost?

"More than 45% of kitchen remodeling spending will be jobs at $20,000 or more." *

It is predicted that over 6 million kitchens will be remodeled in the U.S.A. during 2008.* We will be replacing worn out
stock and semi-custom cabinets with high quality all wood cabinets. Many of these worn out kitchens are only 5-8 years old.

* Standpoint Marketing Research of Atlanta, GA. "On the Rise." Kitchen and Bath Business Jan. 2007: 26.

Sometimes the cost of a new kitchen can cause initial sticker shock, but quality and durability always comes with a price. To justify this investment, it is worth considering how much a well designed quality kitchen adds to the value of your home, and increases you enjoyment of being at home. It is a well known fact that house prices rise over time, justifying home investment (remember what your parents paid for their first home). One of the best times to make a home investment is when the market slows because prices moderate and professionals have a little more time to dedicate to you. Your home is frequently your biggest asset. A new kitchen will help your nest egg grow. Putting off your kitchen project, will only mean paying more for it in the future and reaping less reward because your investment has less time to appreciate. We build only high quality cabinets, so while we will not always be the lowest price, we can promise that you'll be making a sound decision when you choose Brother Cabinets as your cabinet supplier. We do not believe in selling semi-custom or stock cabinets because in our experience they just don't last. You can be in charge of what your kitchen cabinets cost if you know how kitchens are priced. Pricing a kitchen is based upon the following factors (listed in order of cost factor):

1) Cabinet construction methods and materials can make up as much as 60% of the cabinet cost. Better construction methods make for a more durable cabinet. If you need to save money, don't skimp in the area of cabinet construction.

2) Layout of the kitchen and cabinet configuration will substantially affect the price. A lazy susan will cost more than a sink cabinet. A stack of drawers will be higher priced than a one drawer/two door base cabinet. A U-shaped kitchen costs more than an L-shape with an island. A wall oven/cook top combination makes the kitchen cost about $1,000 more than it would if you were to choose a free standing range. Setting a budget to design with can often save you many hours of re-design. If you have us create your layout, please don't be offended when we ask you for a budget figure.

3) Cabinet Door style can alter the cost of your project. A door with many details will usually cost more than a simple door. If you add an arch to a square panel, expect an up-charge. If there are detailed cuts on the door or if the door is set flush with the cabinet frame, expect to invest more.

4) The type of finish you choose will affect pricing. Painted cabinets will run about 6 - 8% more than a standard stained finish. Glazes and layered finishes will run 8%-10% more than a standard stain due to the extra labor. Custom distressing options like edge wear, splatter, or rub through are also an increase in labor and cost, but achieve a unique look.

5) Wood species alters price. Alder, Oak, and Maple usually run very close in price, while cherry will run about 8% more. Walnut and Mahogany carry their own up-charges. When you compare prices from one company to another, always make sure you match cabinet construction, door style, finish, layout, accessories, etc., or you may not be comparing apples to apples. To receive a free estimate call Jeremiah at 435 862 1571

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